Prayer & Praise for June – Last in the Northern Hemi!!

As it is a matter of just a few days until we start the final journey down to New Zealand , we would truly covet your prayers.

Here are a few Prayer requests and Praise points:


Please pray for:

– A good transition as we leave everyone here and arrive in New Zealand.

– The mums who we leave behind , comfort for them as we leave to serve the Lord in NZ.

– That we would quickly settle on arrival.

– Practical things: we need to find a car, wisdom , provision and the right vehicle for ministry.

– The travelling, we have lots of luggage and please pray it gets there and there are no airport issues.

– Practical financial provision, there are quite significant needs financially concerned with the move and setting up the ministry in New Zealand. That the Lord would provide for our outstanding and future needs.

– For good strong friendships as we move to a new place.

– For a place to live after the first couple of months or so.

– That the next week in California would be refreshing and encouraging to the spirit.

– For our Hungarian Family who we miss dearly and the foundations conference starting June 22nd, big prayers please !!!


– We have had opportunity to see and say goodbye to so many people, though unfortunately not everyone.

– The provision of a car to use whilst we have been here , without which we would have been in great difficulty.

– A great time with our mums and close family

– That we were able ship all our stuff, it left today and hopefully we will see it again !

– That we had a place to store all our stuff prior to its shipping.

– The Lords provision for us whilst we have been here in England.

– The opportunity to minister at and be sent out once more, by our home church.

– Literally for everything and everyone, so many people have cared for us and helped us in so many ways.

Thanks M & G

One thought on “Prayer & Praise for June – Last in the Northern Hemi!!

  1. Hi friends – hope the baggage has kept up with you. Remember all you really need is a towel and a bag of salted peanuts! (Watch out for the vogon battle ships) Enjoy California and the continuing journey.
    love you guys


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