September OK !!! October Praise and Prayer Requests

Hi Everyone,

Once again we covet your prayers and praise The Lord for your faithfulness in standing with us in this venture of faith.


  • For a more permanent place to settle, we are renting small apartment on Lakes Ranch here in Rotorua.
  • For God’s continuing provision in meeting our daily needs.
  • For completion of the Bible Institute web site, we are now ready to receive students !
  • For my mums health , recent treatment has really relieved some of the pain from her arthritis.
  • For Becky completing her first term at Mokoia Intermediate and the way in which the Lord has aided her transition.
  • For the ministry opportunities we have been presented with here at the Ranch, I had opportunity to share a study with the leaders for the youth camp here at the Ranch.
  • For Jordan and Becky, as they serve as youth leaders for an evangelistic kids camp here at Lakes ranch



  • For Becky’s return to school for her last term at Mokoia , before her transition to High School at Lakes High and that we would make wise decisions in this regard.
  • For Jordan, in his schooling and future career decisions, for deep and special friendships to form.
  • For Gwyn, there are some medical tests and procedures that she needs to undergo, for peace and comfort.
  • For Mark, not to be distracted from the work of the ministry, for peace and great faith and annointing.
  • Finances are difficult for us and a concern, please pray for Lord’s continuing provision and our contentment with where we are at financially.


  • That the Lord would draw students and send who He wishes to study at CCBI. Especially students from New Zealand and the Pacifc Rim region.
  • For Jake, Tecla and Mel as they seek the Lord’s will and provision as they look to come and serve with us for the start of the February semester.
  • For Mark as he teaches at the New Zealand Pastors conference in October and that nationally the Calvary Chapels would be excited about the college.
  • For the trip to Wellington in which Mark will share at several locations concerning CCBI and that the Lord would spread and cast the vision for the Bible school.
  • For protection over us and the ministry here in New Zealand.
  • For the plans for accomodation for CCBI to come to fruition.
  • For the replacement of the items stolen during the church break in.

One thought on “September OK !!! October Praise and Prayer Requests

  1. As always it is blessing to hear bit’s and pieces in your adventure of faith. We will continue to bear with you in your burdens and rejoice in the victory’s. As God told Abraham, I am your shield and your exceedingly great reward. — May you have peace in His presence and power to draw other there also. We miss you guys. Thanks for sharing your hearts.


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