Prayer & New Update Feb 2011 Christchurch New Zealand

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Hi everyone,

I would normally be giving you a great deal of information regarding our new semester which started only a few day ago , and that we are pretty much full , and that it is Gwyn’s 50th Birthday coming up , but clearly in this area of theworld events have overtaken us .

So this blog update is to ask for prayer and to give you some information from the Saints in CC Christchurch about the current position down onthe south Island.

For you information, CCBI is onthe central north Island about a 2 hour flight away from New Zealand’s South Island and the disaster in Christchurch. We are all safe so pleasedon’t worry for us , but our thought andconcern are for those who are in themidst of struggles down in Christchurch.

Here is the update from Pastor Jason Winslade who isthe Pastorof CC Christchurch New Zealand

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your supportive emails, phone calls,and offers to help. Apologies for taking a while to get back to you with an update.


We have now made contact with everyone in our fellowship and all are safe. Many are without electricity and runningwater, and are still cleaning up the mess in their homes.

Our church office was hit quite hard, and since it’s in the CBD, it’s expected that we won’t have access to it for a while.

We have been told that the school hall where we meet on Sundays won’t have running water by this Sunday, and itwill also need to be cleared by a building inspector before we can use it again.


From those who I have spoken to, our city is currently very well resourced on a practical level with many teams of experts coming in from around the world to assist. We have notified Civil Defense that a team from our fellowship can help out with any group efforts (in refuge centres etc), but it’s just a case of waiting to hear back from them, and they won’t accept help from people/groups who walk in off the street.

In the mean time, most of the help that we are providing is assisting others on acommunity/neighborhood level – accommodation, water, supplies etc.


In the midst of all the practical needs at present, we are preparing for the huge spiritual need that will arise in weeks and months to come.

We are currently arranging for a printing company to print off a large number of tract booklets for us (high quality tracts that Kris Baines put together that are specific to the Christchurch earthquakes).

We are currently in need of more bibles. We have abouta hundred or so at the church office, but it’s unsure of when we’re going to have accessto it (officials are expecting that it will still be quite some time away). The specific bibles we are trying to source are the small NLT New Believers, New Testament ones, with notes from Greg Laurie. We found these to be very useful with outreach after theSeptember earthquake.

If anyone knows where we can source these bibles in bulkat a good price, can you please let us know. If you are able to assist with providing bibles, our homepostal address is:

C/- Jason Winslade

Calvary Chapel Christchurch

67 Wales Street


Christchurch 8025

New Zealand.


Many people have expressed a willingness to bring groups to Christchurch to assist in a practical way. This will be very much needed in our city in the near future, but it’s still a bit early to see how that might look at this stage. Civil defense’s advice is for people to stay in their communities, to not drive around unnecessarily, and to wait until they call upon people who have offered help.

I have notified Civil Defense of the help that has been offered so far, and will notify you when I hear back.


– For softened hearts to the Gospel.

– For there to be many open doors to reach others with the love of Christ.

– For the many people who are experiencingfear, stress & anxiety.

– For the safety of our church family through the on-going aftershocks.

– For a lady in our fellowship who is currently in hospital with severe chest pains.

– Wisdom for church leaders and their familiesaswe seekdirection from the Lord for such a time as this.

– That Jesus’ name would be magnified in our city.

Thanks again for all of your prayers & support – will be in touch.

God Bless,


We will update you all with more information in due course

M & G

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