Prayer & Praise July 2011 – Better late than never

Prayer & Praise for July 2011

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Where did the time go, it is hard to believe that it has been three months since our last update. Here are some long over due items for Prayer & Praise.

Praise : Please stand with us and praise the Lord for His faithfulness.

  • We just celebrated our two year anniversary as residents here in New Zealand, we are still here and serving the Lord simply as a result of His faithfulness. Praise Him for the final completion of our permanent residency status.
  • Praise Him for His continuing provision for our needs as a family, even down to Coffee – Thanks Tom !!!
  • Praise Him for the provision of great team, Jake & Tecla, Whitney, Josh and Franz & Monica who have recently joined us as a great gift from Calvary Chapel Modesto.
  • Praise the Lord for a great semester just passed and the growth that has taken place in CCBI in both depth and in numbers of students.

Prayer requests

Please join with us as we seek the Lord:


  • Personally for wisdom, courage and faith as I seek to lead the ministry of CCBI here in New Zealand , we are entering our second year as a school and have seen much favour from the Lord. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to discern the Lord’s direction for the future.
  • As a family, this is season of change, Jordan is in his last year at Lakes High and will be heading to university to study medicine in February 2012, please pray for wisdom as he has many choices to make and is pulled in many directions as a result of school demands works demands and living with mad missionary parents. For Becky ( now spelt with an I – Becki) that she would she would grow strong in the Lord and in the might of His Grace.
  • Gwyn is a mum to so many – please pray for strength and wisdom to balance all the different demands that are upon her, especially with a full complement of ladies this upcoming semester, wisdom and strength are needed.
  • Anointing to teach the scriptures and that we would be those who trust.
  • Personal financial needs as we look to university and the fact that it is already two year since we were able to visit England and family.


  • For staff Visas and provision of financial support, Jake and Tecla, & Josh are all in the States right now , looking to renew their visas and return to serve here with us, please pray that this process would go smoothly and also that they would be able to raise the support they need to return as all of us serve here as missionaries.
  • For Jake and Tecla as they are expecting the imminent arrival of Baby Jade, please pray for safety for mum and Baby, a smooth and quick delivery and just the provision of everything they need, and God’s wisdom on the timing of their return to New Zealand.
  • As CCBI is growing, there are needs, with an increasing number of students there is a need to find a vehicle to transport the students in for ministry and outreach.
  • Please pray for wisdom regarding a permanent home for CCBI , with increased space so that we can accommodate increasing student numbers.
  • As we look to the upcoming semester, that the Lord would have His hand on the timing and location of the various outreaches the school will organize.
  • As we look to inviting speakers to come and share with school for speakers week, we ask for wisdom and anointing.
  • That the Lord would continue to bring the students He wants here to study at CCBI , that He would raise up labourers to plant churches across the region of the South Pacific Rim.
  • For David Heitman , as he begins the steps to plant a Calvary chapel in Tauranga, and how we can support this ministry as a school.
  • For CC Sydney conference in August, we will be sharing with the body on the Spirit filled life an ministry and the necessity to be not only stirred by the Spiirt but to be supplied of the Spirit. Please pray for anointing and a timely word.

We value your prayers and love and care as you stand with us in this ministry and unless the Lord builds this house it will not stand – Psalm 127

Thank you

M & G

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