Walsh News October 2011

Walsh News – October 2011

Only one Life soon is passed only what is done for Christ will last

Not only profound words but true words, Spend your life well has been a phrase, which has resonated around our hearts and minds recently. The ministry and family life has been busy and fruitful for which we are blessed, this is season of labour and upon that canvas the challenge of the words above have continuously been written.

Family News

Jordan has reached the age of 18 and we are so blessed by him and for him, God has been faithful over all our years. He will complete his education this December and if the grades are good, he will be studying medicine at either the University of Auckland, New Zealand or the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Becky is a special friend of mine and I am deeply blessed that she has begun to sing with me on the worship team here at CCBI. Uniquely resilient and sharp of mind, our prayer is that the Lord would continually get hold of her heart and use her greatly in missions and ministry.

Gwyn remains my best friend and her commitment to ministry, mission and the lord is a tremendous blessing which is far above the value of gold, she continue to be mum to everything and everyone here at CCBI.

I have been busy, travelling has taken me to share with the brethren in CC Sydney at the Spirit filled life conference in August, this was blessed time and encouragement, The Lord as ever was faithful and gracious towards us.

September was the Asian mission conference in Hong Kong, a blessed time and very poignant. Personally challenging as I had the opportunity to fellowship with some who had served the Lord faithfully on the mission field in Asia, for many years.

Humility and dependence upon God are qualities I understand but dont get ever felt that way? They are inextricably linked. I could probably teach a bible study on both but yet are these qualities realised in my life. I have been reading, Humility by Andrew Murray and found it to be a challenge to my soul. Pray for us to walk in greater humility and dependence upon the Lord.

Ministry News

The Lord has blessed us with a full Semester, with all but one of our allocated bed spaces of 20 filled here at the campus in Rotorua. We are blessed with a great student body, who have a heart and hunger to seek the Lord.

Starting this week we will have student teams going on outreach to Melbourne, Australia, Hamilton and Wellington, New Zealand. Please pry for the Lord to go before us and that he would glorify Himself.

I will be teaching a mens conference in New Jersey. Please pray for anointing in the preaching of the word and that the men who attend would be blessed an encouraged.

We continue to serve in worship once a month with the Fellowship at CC Hamilton and every two weeks have a team of student who are attending the CC Hamilton youth and young adult study, with a view to support an encourage them as they seek the Lord.

Every Wednesday, I lead worship with team form CCBI in the weekly study here for CC Rotorua and this has been a blessed time of waiting on God and Koinonea.

The CCBI Distance learning web site is also up and running and as well as servicing the needs of local CCBI students it also had been made available to several missionaries, in Kenya, Asia and the middle east. Our hope is that we will be able to provide biblical teaching and discipleship to many in the Islands of the South Pacific Rim and across the region.

We are already receiving application for next semester and beginning to fill up, all our problems are good one, all growth related. This bring us to major prayer request, we need as a school to make some decisions about the long term.

We need more room and ultimately, it would be great to have a permanent location for CCBI, one where we can provide and host other ministry events and conferences. Last Februarys National womens conference was a blessed time and we are already feel impressed upon out hearts to prepare for the next conference for 2012. Please pray that the Lord would show us the next step and provide the resources necessary.

We value your prayers and love, there is so much more to say and share, so please forgive the brevity with which we have written. We have just posted more detailed prayer requests and we covet your prayers.

M & G

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