Walsh News – Prayer & Praise – April 2016





Walsh News Prayer & Praise April 2016

I guess our lives are often characterised by great highs and great lows, moments of great joy and those of deep sadness, being moved by compassion and care. There have been so many moments summed up by these words over the last few months.

The joy of having the kids back  at home, the joys of seeing their heart to serve God, the joy of a new semester with 31 Student here at CCBI, yet with this there has been the desperation and destruction  of seeing Cyclone Winston and Tatiana, hit the island of Fiji and in particular Moturiki Island a few miles off the eastern coast of Vita Levu, the main Island of Fiji.

So here are some of those moments:

Becky is heading to Hungary !!!!


Here in Becky’s own words, her heart to follow the Lord:

For many of you reading this you will be imagining and little feisty red headed toddler which may make it hard to comprehend. I have had the privilege of growing up surrounded by people from all over the world and from such diverse cultures and backgrounds. But now I’m all grown up and I’m taking the next step in my life. Having grown up involved in ministry I have grown to love it more and more. When I made the decision in my life to follow Jesus with my all my heart and to put my life in His hands, He returned that decision with a passion and a love for the people of this world. We as followers of Christ are called to be a light to the world, to love others and to make disciples by sharing His gospel to His people. For every person that has made the decision to follow Christ this mission appears different, for some it means working a 9 to 5 job being a beacon of hope in that workplace, for others it means moving to a remote village in Africa and sharing the gospel to people who have never heard it and all things in between; all missions are equally important, but unique to the person that carries them out. As many of you know following Christ’s plan often means we only see two feet in front of us and therefore I don’t know what the future holds. But having realised this passion and love for people in addition to my adventurous personality and unique upbringing I have come to make another important decision. This decision is that I want to use my passions and love to reach people in far corners of the earth by being a missionary. The definition of a missionary is, a person sent on a religious mission to a foreign country. This definition is true, but I want to be more than that; I want share the love and forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost people of this world. I want to reflect Jesus in my daily life and devote my time and energy into a work of ministry wherever He may call me. The next step in this incredible life that I have chosen is to be apart of the School of Missions at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe. Before starting the School of Missions I will be helping out with “A Vision for Life” over the summer as a counsellor . I am so excited about this opportunity and this next stage. I would appreciate your prayers as I leave my home and family and step out in faith to the next thing. Please pray that the Lord will provide financially for all that He has for me and that I would be walking in His will. I would love to continue keeping anyone who is interested updated about this next stage and how the Lord is working through all that He has for me in Hungary.beckyamywalsh@gmail.com

Jordy, On The Edge then CCBI ….

Jake & Jordy working our how to get across the flood waters in Nadi, Fiji

Jordy recently joined myself and Pastor Jake Wilmoth of CCBI in a trip to Moturiki Island, Fiji and it was so good to see his heart for the Lord and Ministry, he will be in the USA serving as a leader for the “On the Edge” program at Murrietta in the summer and then will join us on staff for the the September December Semester 2016 here at CCBI, as a missionary trusting God to meet his needs. Jordy is still looking at training as a Doctor in Australia, but sense a real call to youth ministry is resonating strongly in his heart. Please pray that God will guide both Jordy and Becky as they step out in faith, seeking the Lord and looking to Him to guide and provide.

Then there is CCBI ….

This has been a brilliant semester with 31 students an interns, may of whom will graduate this semester, we have just completed outreach trips , to Christchurch NZ, Perth in Western Australia,  Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. On Friday we send another team out to Sydney Australia to serve at  youth camp along side CC Sydney, please  keep them in prayer.

Monday 18th April see the start of another venture of faith, we are putting on a National Youth conference called IGNITE 2016, co-laboring alongside a team from Calvary Chapel Vista  & Refuge, Huntington beach. We have no idea who will come  so please pray with us that God would bring whomever He wishes and they they would grow strong in the faith and deeper in Him. Please pray for Pastor Jake Wilmoth has he leads the conference and speaks alongside Pastor Jason Vanderburgh (Refuge), Pastor Aaron Salvato (CC Vista) & Pastor Rob Nash (CC Vista).


Moturiki Island, Fiji : Compassion vs Logic.


Moturiki Island, Fiji

Jordy, Jake & Myself recently took a very quick trip to Fiji, to look at how CCBI can be involved in the rebuilding  work after the devastation Cyclone Winston. Still encountering very high flood water, it took us 24 hours to get just 5 miles from the airport in Nadi. After about 24 hours we were finally able to cross the island of Vita Levu, to the capital of Fiji , Suva and then to Nausori and in a 33 foot skiff take the journey across to Moturiki Island. There are 10 villages  on Moturiki, we visited only one, the home village of one of our students from a few years ago,Pastor Charles Mareu. Before Cyclone Winston there were 40 houses, now there are only 20 houses, but still some 40-50 families cramming in to the available space. We helped construct and provide for the building of a small one room house for  a single mum and her three kids. The cost of materials and transport to the  island being not more than $700 NZD about $500 USD.
It was probably one of the most moving experiences of our lives.  As a logical planner i can think of better ways to do this, construction guys tell me  of better ways, and I am all for that but there is also he compassion  in the moment what can we do now !!!.  These are complex and difficult issues, right now compassion says act and we will work in the long term on better ways, we will plan towards a larger CCBI outreach in October during out next semester but  there is also a need now !!! SO…

A new place to live !!!

So we are going back… May 1st – 7th we are taking a small  team of about 6 – people from CCBI with a view to go and finance, provide for &  build 3- 4 houses. So if you want to get involved there is huge need for expertise and resources, let us know, it costs about $500- $700 usd to provide a small house.


Prayer & Praise

  • Please pray that God will guide both Jordy and Becky as they step out in faith, seeking the Lord and looking to Him to guide and provide.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jake Wilmoth has he leads the conference and speaks alongside Pastor Jason Vanderburgh (Refuge), Pastor Aaron Salvato (CC Vista) & Pastor Rob Nash (CC Vista).
  • Please pray for the Ignite 2016 Conference starting 18th April 2016.
  • Pray for the  people of Moturiki. Resources & wisdom in the rebuild.
  • The return CCBI trip to Moturiki in May to build 3- 4 more houses, May 2nd – 7th.


The small boat, big water and Moturiki in the distance.


Fijian sevens never stops !!!
Devastation by water


Flood waters in Nadi

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