Counting down !

Hi Everyone, just a quick update giving news, prayer and praise

In just a matter of 48 hours , we will be departing from New Zealand for the last time … at least for a while.

On Saturday , we make the long journey from Auckland by way of Singapore back to Manchester, England. After about 30 hours of travel we should arrive early Sunday morning into Manchester airport with a a few bags, a few guitars and a whole host of memories and emotions.

A last weekend ministering in the coolest little capital in the World

Prayer & Praise

We are so thankful for so many reasons:

  • Grateful for the time to visit most of the Calvary Chapels in New Zealand and be able to encourage them that God is sovereign in all the seasons of life.
  • Grateful for the time we have had with the Jordan, Becki & Joe knowing that we will be leaving them, but wonderfully proud and encouraged by their service, ministry and heart for the Lord.
  • Grateful for God’s provision in all the practical elements of transition.

Please pray for us:

  • That our Mandatory PCR covid tests would comeback negative and thus allow us to fly in the next 48 hours.
  • For traveling mercies, with baggage , check in, saying goodbye to the kids at the airport, flight connections and all the fun stuff that come with circumnavigating the globe in a covid world.
  • God’s mercy on us as we adjust to living and ministering in England and Europe.
    • The practicalities of life, we have managed to rent a small house right next to where my mum lives and should get the keys early next week.
    • Its completely unfurnished so its going to feel spacious 🙂
    • Adjusting in many ways to a new country, literally, as we haven’t lived in England for 25 years.
    • Reconnecting with existing ministry partner and connecting with new ones.
    • Renewing precious relationships and friendships.
  • Above all for Gods grace and mercy to cover everything, both here in New Zealand and in the next season in the UK.

Our New Address will be 54 Cambridge Drive, Otley, Ls21 1DD, England. Our emails will remain the same and once we have phones in England we will let you know the numbers.

Thanks for all the love, care and prayers and we continue to covert the prayers for the next steps over the next few days and weeks.

All our love & prayers

M & G

The unfortunate realities of moving!

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