Prayer Requests April 2009


God has been before us, as HE promised in so many ways, here are just a few items for praise:

We have sold our car
We have a temporary place to live upon arrival in New Zealand for at least a month
Friends who are taking out belongings back to the UK
Accommodation for the US part of the journey to NZ
The Lords provision in meeting our flight costs to NZ
Someone to repair my guitar, whilst in the US for only 5 days
A new website for CCBINZ


Some very practical things that need the Lords wisdom and provision.

We need to organise the shipping of our belongings to New Zealand

– The financial costs associated with shipping.

The provision of transport during our time in England.

– It would be great to be able to borrow or hire a car, this will make things much easier as we tie up things and say goodbye to family and friends.

The ongoing development of CCBINZ

– For the Lord to bring the right people into the team for CCBINZ, in particular someone with admin skills.

– For students

– A place for the school to be based.

Currently we will be working out of the church building in Rotorua, it would be great to have a residential facility in which to have the school, either as a tenant or owner.

– For the financial needs of CCBINZ as we start to set up the school.

Everything – Things that we have forgotten and not even thought about , but are in the hand of our Heavenly Father

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