July Prayer & Praise “The Prize is the Hearts of Men”


We arrived safely and are finally no longer living out of suitcases, we had blessed time in England and in the US.

We have managed to get a car and are mobile, which is great.

The Lord has provided a place at a small intermediate school for Becky to attend, which great .

We have been very warmly welcome by the church body here and been blessed in so many ways.

The Lord is beginning to put together a team to serve in the school

Prayer Requests

Becky as she goes to school here for the first time on the 20th July at Mokoia intermediate.

Registering Jordan for homeschooling.

As the ranch has no said no to the Bible school being on site, we need God’s place for the school , so please ask that the Lord would show us.

Financial provision for the school as we move toward its opening in February 2010.

Workers and co labourers for the ministry here in New Zealand and for the school.

Our shipping container would arrive safely in the next month without any hitches and additional customs charges.

The provision of more permanent place to live, that we might have some where to put the stuff when it all arrives!

Our personal financial needs, as we look for a place to live and set up home here in New Zealand. (Practically, we need to raise about an additional 1000 Usd per month)

We appreciate , desire and covet your prayers, thanks for co labouring guys

M & G

3 thoughts on “July Prayer & Praise “The Prize is the Hearts of Men”

  1. Hey Mark,
    great to hear you guys are over there, finally. We are praying you are strengthened in the steps He is guiding you in.

    Our God is an awesome God. He is showing Himself strong through all of you to all those in New Zealand and all of us through out the viaspora.

    Remain still in heart, in Spirit, and know He is God.

    God bless you guys.
    We love you.


  2. Hi Lovely Friends,
    I see that you are facing many challenges and experiencing God’s blessings too. We will be praying for you for a place to live and a facility for the BC.
    We love you,
    Alison & Robin


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