Prayer & Praise August 2009


  • For God’s faithfulness to us – we are still here after two months.
  • For the safe arrival of our container, it has passed its inspection, with no hassles and with no cost, even Gwyn’s baskets (bio hazard) , they just need to deliver it now – so we need a place to live !
  • Becky’s smooth transition into school here in Rotorua.
  • For the kindness and care of the fellowship of believers here in New Zealand.



  • That the Lord would continue look after our mums and family back in the UK
  • A place to make home, a more permanent location for us to live, this one is certainly heavy on our hearts after being mobile since May 2009.
  • Wisdom in regard to Jordan’s schooling here in New Zealand.
  • The kids would begin and continue to develop real lasting and deep friendships.
  • Finances, things are tight, but I think that is true for pretty much everyone these days, this is especially tricky in search for a place to rent.
  • For constancy of heart to keep going.


  • A place to accommodate students.
  • That the Lord would bring who He wants, to the school.
  • For the right staff for the first semester.
  • For the necessary finances to function in this venture of faith, as we set up the school here in Rotorua.
  • For worship and Wednesday studies in Nehemiah.
  • For Gwyn as she teaches at the Ladies fellowship on the evening of September 6th
  • For the property under the church, after the fire the place is now vacant and would make a great coffee shop outreach centre, please ask for the Lord wisdom in this regard. It has been offered to us rent free for 6 months, we would just need to set it up and and the people to run it.
  • For the believers in New Zealand to catch the vision for CCBI, as I travel and share about the school.

One thought on “Prayer & Praise August 2009

  1. Hi Mark and Gwyn

    Great to read your latest newsletter.

    You will do well in NZ because you are giving yourselves totally to where God wants you to be and what he wants you to do…despite the cjallenges of ‘new’ and ‘no home’.

    God Bless and lead you.

    Josh is doing much better one year on.

    It was around this time that whe came out to you in Hungary.

    Total darkness for him form September to December.

    But he has emerged into the light.

    working back in the hospital, starting a decorating business and in fellowship.

    thanks for all last year.

    We do well as a family…the beginings of change looming for us I feel…watch this space.



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