Prayer and Praise November 2009

Prayer and Praise – November 2009



Thanks be to the Lord for continuing to establish us here in the ministry in New Zealand and the great people he has placed around us.
For the completion of the Wednesday night studies through the book of Nehemiah at CC Rotorua.
For God continuing hand upon the ladies studies that Gwyn is helping out with at CC rotorua and CC Hamilton.


That the Lord would bring more students to CCBI, especially from the Pacific Rim.
That the Lord would provide for the practical needs of finance for the startup needs of the school.
Practical areas of need are two computers, Books for the library and a vehicle to help with moving students, as we look to have weekend outreaches serving at some of the Calvary chapels here in New Zealand.
For the continuing ministry with the worship team and ladies studies here in CC Rotorua and in CC Hamilton.
For staff to help with admin and the various needs here at the school.
For Jake and Tecla, as they submit their application to NZ Immigration for a one year ministry visa, that this would be granted as the Lord wills.
For Mark as he travels extensively to cast the vision of the school and encourage the brethren, sharing at many of the Calvary chapels in New Zealand over the next month.
For Great vision, Great Perseverance, Great Courage and Great faith. and GREAT FRUIT!!!!
For an Inheritence for Messiah in many nations – Psalm 2:8



Thanks be to the Lord that we are still here and still walking.
For the Lord’s goodness and encouragement in placing great people around us.
For the Lord’s continuing provision for us.


For wisdom regarding finances, and God’s continuing provision as we move into the Christmas Season and start thinking about university for Jordan
For our Mums back in England that they would be upheld by grace and that God would bless their health with us being so far away.

For Becky and Jordan as they finish the school year here in New Zealand and they face the transition to a new year and for Becky the transition to Rotorua Lakes High School (…and a blue uniform!!!)
For Gwyn as see seeks the Lord as to where to place her efforts and gifts in serving, that the Lord would guide her clearly.
For Jordan as he learns to drive
For Becky as she learns to stand for Christ in the world of High School.
A funny one (as in different !!!) I want to support the worship team here and so I am learning bass guitar, so if anyone has bass guitar they would like to donate then I could really do with one, just if you have one lying around that you don’t need. Thanks – Mark!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and love, truly we wouldn’t be here without your faithful service to the Lord in prayer and giving, in all the ways that you do give.
We cannot express enough our thankfulness for your heart to serve the Lord.
Mark & Gwyn

One thought on “Prayer and Praise November 2009

  1. hey mark…i’m glad God gave you the words about the farmer and going all the way and not being tempted to stop half way. you said something to me years ago in hungary that has helped me make so many decisions since…”Boys do what they want to do, Men do what they have to do…” not only have i shared that phrase with many people seeking advice, but God has used it so often in my life…and especially lately as i now have a son and am still in ministry…wow…giving up sometimes seems so luxurious…and yet the reward comes from continuing…so just wanted to thank you for your encouraging words. miss you all. ~melodie tucker (viafranco now)


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