Prayer & Praise December 2009 & January 2010

Hi everyone.
Here are some points for praise and prayer relating to the ministry here and to our own family.



  • For Jordan and Becky as they start in year 12 and years 9 here at Rotorua Lakes High School, that they may settle in and blossom in yet another transition, especially for Jordan as he enters the New Zealand school system for the first time, something he is looking forward to with great excitement and anticipation.
  • For the Lord to continue to ground us here in New Zealand as we look forward into the new year to what He may have for us
  • A friend Kelsey will be joining us here for 6 weeks, please pray that she would be blessed and encouraged by her time here in New Zealand.
  • For health and safety – and no more field trips to the ER


  • For Gwyn’s successful surgery
  • For the continuing healing of Becky’s arm and Mark’s wrist
  • For God continuing provision for us here in New Zealand
  • For the blessing of serving here at CC Rotorua and in worship and with ladies studies at CC Hamilton.
  • For Jordan’s and Becky’s place at Rotorua Lakes High school



  • In light of the postponing of the inaugural semester of CCBI until September, please pray for God’s wisdom, that He might unfold the work here in New Zealand as He chooses in His time.
  • Please pray for encouragement, there is obviously a degree of disappointment and discouragement in having to postpone the opening semester. 1 cor 15:58
  • As we take the next 9 months to prepare the foundation and establish the school, I will need to travel more both within New Zealand and outside New Zealand, Please pray for Gods wisdom in this season and His financial provision to meet the additional expenses of travelling.
  • For Jake and Tecla as they prepare to submit their paperwork for a visa to serve here with the school.
  • That the Lord would bring students from within New Zealand and from wherever He chooses. There is great deal of interest here, but many are reticent to commit to coming to a new school.
  • For wisdom in direction, as we consider developing a distance learning option for those in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
  • Pray for continuing development of the leadership studies here in CC Rotorua.
  • Pray for the worship team at CC Hamilton and CC Rotorua that we are working with, that we may be able to encourage and equip them to serve the Lord and the body in a way that pleases the Lord.
  • There are numerous opportunities presenting themselves to teach throughout New Zealand, Please pray for wisdom to know how to use my time in the best way for the Kingdom.
  • As we continue to look into facilitating the distribution of Christian books and materials here in New Zealand, please pray for wisdom to know how to proceed.


  • The salvation of 13 kids who gave their hearts to the Lord at the most recent kids camp here at Lakes Ranch. Becky and Jordan were able to serve at the camp and were blessed by the time of ministry. Please pray for the establishing of these young lives in Christ.
  • For God’s guidance and provsion in relation to CCBI, we have recently been given computers and numerous resources to help establish the school.

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