What more seasons… I thought we were past this ?

What more seasons… I thought we were past this ?

christmas blog

Funny how we think that because we are ready It is the right time for something eh?

Sorry for the silence during December and most of January. December as you can imagine was just busy , but there is reason and method in madness in delaying our news update until late January. In brief, just a few days ago, we made the decision to postpone the inaugural semester of CCBI until September 2010, as a result of lack of students. It was waiting for this decision to be made by the board of CCBI, that has delayed our update.

As you can imagine, it is an interesting time, after 9 years getting here and 6 months on the ground , pretty much everything is in place, we have a full schedule of classes all live, all taught by Calvary pastors, we have accommodation, we even having hot springs and horse riding, for goodness sake !!!… But just two students, both precious and both Kiwi. It is a bit like the old adage , “Here’s the church, Here’s the steeple , look inside , there’s no people ” SMILE!

Many of the personal lessons for me during our time here in New Zealand, have been about the character of God, not so much trusting what God can do, but trusting who God is, in His character. Recently in the midst of these decisions, the disappointment and to some extent the discouragement that comes with these decisions, it is the words of Hebrews 11:6 that have been resonating in my heart and mind. Faith is required to please God, in fact it is impossible in the absence of the expression of faith to please God, it is the words that follow that have been the subject of my thoughts.

For He that comes to God must believe He is and that He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him” Hebrews 11:6

HE is What ? – this is not something about God’s ability to redeem or deliver , but His Character , who HE IS!
To some extent I can believe that, but my struggle is that God wants to be who He is for ME and isn’t that exactly what the next part of the verse requires me to believe? That God wants to be this One, to me in all aspects of His character , His heart is towards ME .

Well… there should be some news in this news update!

Teenagers you have got to love them – so I have been told

Family News

Christmas in summer is different, Christmas day was at the beach in the sun strolling on the sand , watching people get our of the sea because of the passing shark, you know the usual Christmas stuff .
Really quite difficult to adjust to especially light of the whole of Europe being held in the icy grip of winter. There were many many things and folks we missed, especially family and friends.

We have now have a regular field trip , this has been to the ER or casualty at the local hospital, Jordan has visited several times, Becky broke her arm few weeks ago, before Christmas , I attended last week with a suspected broken wrist only a day after Gwyn’s trip for a minor surgery. We appear to be their most devoted fans, with at least one of us attending in each of the 7 months we have been in New Zealand. we are hoping for at least a set of towels or even steak knives!!! We are all recovering well, Becky no longer has a cast on her arm, I am healing up and Gwyn too after surgery is well.

The kids recently served at the Kids camp here at Lakes ranch and had the privilege of seeing 13 kids come to Christ , what a fantastic blessing!!!

Camp blog
Kids Camp Craziness – 13 came to Christ – Praise God !

Becky and Jordan will both start a new school at the beginning of February, at Rotorua Lakes High School. Becky in year 9 and Jordan will attend his first school in New Zealand starting in year 12, with the aim of ultimately going on to study Medicine. Please pray for them as they enter yet another transition and both have to wear a uniform!!!!! – Pictures to follow, Becky will be required to study 2 languages, she has chosen Japanese as one of these, – one more step on the road to becoming a renowned Ninja !!!!

Ministry News

For a man without a job I have been quite busy, I have just finished a series of messages down at CC wellington, covering a few of their Sunday services , whilst they await the arrival of their new pastor from the USA, finishing a season of travelling and speaking which has kept me away for Rotorua for about 8 Sundays.

Gwyn and I have been leading worship at CC Hamilton on a monthly basis and having great joy in the service, this continues to be a blessing and we are seeing relationships deepen.

Over the next few weeks, we will resume leading worship on Wednesday night for the fellowship here in Rotorua and Gwyn will again get back in to the ladies studies here in Rotorua.

The Foundations leadership class here in Rotorua will meet again in early February and we would value your prayers for the deepening of the ministry of the word of God in the lives of the men involved in this study.

As a result of postponing our first semester until September 2010, I feel the need to use the freedom to travel and support the Calvary works , sowing into lives as the Lord provides opportunity, I will be looking at developing a distance learning option for bible study for New Zealanders and also for use in the Pacific Islands.

Please pray for wisdom as to how to use this time best for the Kingdom of God, to make wise choices and also for the Lord provision of the necessary resources for the demands of additional travel.

friends at Papamoa
Chrstmas Day with friends at Papamoa

We appreciate and covert your prayers, thank you for joining with us in this ministry, we truly desire that God would be glorified in all these things.

In Him

M & G

3 thoughts on “What more seasons… I thought we were past this ?

  1. I wondered who was taking over at CC Wellington after the Roberts left. I thank God they were in good hands while you took over for those eight weeks.

    About CCBI, sorry to hear of the lack of students. Have you been announcing it on CC Radio? I’m sure you probably were.

    Praying for you all …


  2. Mark – Thank you for keeping us informed. I’m behind you all and am trusting God with you for the good fruit to come.

    God bless you & Gwyn!!

    Todd Johnson


  3. Hi Walsh family!
    Great to hear from you. We had a crazy day here as students began to arrive. We lost one returning student for 20 hrs, she spent the night in the train station in Szekes with a few homeless people! Luckily, a women who worked there moved her into a small room with a lock and a small heater. It’s snowing here still and -17 C.

    We miss you all! Mike & I leave in 11 days, scary but exciting.

    Love & prayers for God’s best in your lives!


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