March 6th – Another day another Plane

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about March 5th
It was a good day of meetings looking at trying to get more resources into New Zealand, some good ideas we can work on.

March 6th – today I flew from John Wayne international airport to Sacramento and Sunday night I will be speaking at CC Modesto, a great honour and privilege, please pray that the Lord would speak and glorify Himself in the teaching of His word.

Spoke to the family back Home in NZ , it was great to talk to them , Jordy came runner up in the junior singles in a tournament Rotorua , very cool, Gwyn had a sad day…

You win some you lose some and then you go to bed – Tomorrow is another day and there is grace enough for it.

Thanks for the love and prayers for the grace of God, without which we couldn’t do anything.


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