March 7th – Modesto Moments

There are flying days and none flying days at the moment – Sunday 7th March was a non flying day. I spent the day at CC Modesto, in the morning Pastor Damien Kyle shared from John 14:6 a great message.

CC Modesto

Next week, Normal Geisler will share at the Veritas seminar , but Sunday night it was me, in such auspicious company , pretty much the Dancing monkey . It was such a great privilege, for which I am grateful to the Lord and the tram at CC Modesto.
I had opportunity to share from Psalm 37 about trusting the Lord and through that share about the ministry and God ‘s calling upon us in New Zealand.

I had some great fellowship with Pastor Matt & Pastor Franz from CC Modesto, I was grateful for their fellowship and love, the unique connection for Franz is that he is a New Zealander, Wellington born and bred, having left the at the age of 17 for the USA, a small world in God’s Kingdom.

franz 1
Pastor Matt & Pastor Franz – Two key men in the Pastoral team at Modsto

Monday was a flying day – back to Orange County, I got chance to catch up with a dear friend who i haven’t seen for nearly 7 years , Mr Eddie. Very special indeed.

Tuesday – I had opportunity to share the devotion for the student body at CCBC Murrieta, sharingan with them about vision and the need to not give up half way, something which seems relevant in the desire to pursue the vision of CCBI in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.

murrieta 2
CCBC Murrietta – Auditorium for morning devotions

Some of the students seem to have a heart to visit intern and even study with us in New Zealand, please pray that the Lord would lead them as He desires.. not just the spirit of middle earth.

Later that evening I was able to share a meal with Jake and Tecla Wilmoth , who will be joining us on staff at CCBI in July , a great time and encouraging time. Please pray for them as they raise support and submit the paper work for missionary visas.

Guess what today is flying day ….. heading for New Jersey.

Please pray that the Lord would build, not man as we seek to share regarding the ministry in the South Pacific Rim, there is such need for resources, financially, for students, for so many things, please pray that the Lord would simply glorify Himself

More after the next flight or two ….



One thought on “March 7th – Modesto Moments

  1. Hey Mark, enjoyed your blogging! very cool. So excited about what you are pursuing with Him!
    And Josh! Wow! Thank you!
    (You are on my list of “Courageous men from England”!)(“You cannot discover new horizons if you are affraid to loose sight of the shore” ring a bell?)
    And…. what He is doing with you has eternal value, glorifies Him, and makes the world a better place. Wow!


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