News, Praise & Prayer July 2010

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News, Praise & Prayer July 2010


Well it is just over one month until The first semester of CCBI starts, we have at this stage filled 15 of our 20 bed spaces and hope the rest will fill up too.

As fantastic as it is, the cold hard reality of everything that has to be done is really setting in, there is an overwhelming amount to do and that is before you actual start thinking about preparation for teaching.

In the midst of this fantastic chaos, My heart has been exercised over something significant , a significant realisation, often in ministry we talk about servant hood, sometimes glibly, but the realisation that has struck my heart is this, you cant separate servant hood from sacrifice.

Let me explain, after a while, you try to be servant without it requiring sacrifice on your part, the giving of yourself, the denying of self. Though we try and justify or manipulate circumstances at the end of the day servant hood requires that we sacrifice in the giving of our selves and in the denying of self, though never easy or acceptable to our flesh, this is the way of the Master Mark 10:45


  • We have been offered a van for CCBI – so it looks like the Lord has provided for one of our most significant needs!
  • Jake & Tecla have been granted their religious workers visas and will be arriving here in few days.
  • One year after arriving we are still here – praise God for his faithfulness.
  • For Jordan and Becki as they again serve at kids evangelical camp here at the ranch


  • Preparations for the arrival of Jake & Tecla – for their transition into ministry here in New Zealand
  • Josh has submitted his visa application, please pray that the Lord would open the door for him to come and serve with us for the next year. Whitney is completing here medical paper work and will be submitting her visa application soon
  • For strength as there is so much to do before the semester starts
  • For the students as they prepare to come , that their journey here would be smooth and there would be no issue with Immigration.
  • For the semester that it would be exactly what the Lord wants it to be and would bring Glory to His name.
  • There remain significant financial needs both for the ministry and for us as a family. Please pray for the Lord provision in His way and His time, constantly fighting with finances is a reality but so often it really weighs upon our hearts. At the end of the day it is hard to do ministry without resources.
  • For the practicalities here at Lakes ranch as the ranch steps with us in this venture of faith , that the Lord would bless them for their faithfulness.
  • For spiritual protection, the enemy resists at every stage but he is a defeated foe , Praise God!
  • We have recently begun to talk to NZ Immigration about recognising CCBI , please pray that we be granted favour with the NZ government and that we would be connected with the right people in the government, in order to facilitate this recognition.
  • We are making plans for a Calvary Chapel National Womens Conference, please pray for this as we begin to plan and seek the Lord for what shape this should have.
  • For Harvest with Greg Laurie in Auckland in August 13th – 14th

Probably in the last month I have cherished the gift of prayer more than at any other time in my life as believer, truly we have seen the Lord’s hand as we have asked and so we are so grateful that you are willing to ask with us that He might glorify Himself in this region and in this work.

In Him
Mark, Gwyn, Jordan & Rebekah

becky 1
Becki ( now with an I) wants a puppy !

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