Praise & Prayer September 2010

Praise & Prayer 2010

Well we are overwhelmed …….. CCBI is no longer a virtual bible school, we have 14 real students, who actually breathe & eat, everything is new and overwhelming , but more than anything else we are overwhelmed by God’s grace and God’s faithfulness. This is a good thing ! – All praise be to Him who is glorious !!! Amen


Please join with us and thank the Lord

  • For God’s grace and provision as He has begun to establish the work of CCBI here in New Zealand
  • For bringing all the students safely here from all over the world , we currently have 5 New Zealand residents studying with us- Praise the Lord. Ollykene is from the island of Tuvalu in the South Pacific.
  • For God’s provision of visas for our staff to serve here, for Whitney, Josh, Jake & Tecla a huge blessing and provision.
  • For a smooth start to classes and teaching and pretty much everything.
  • For God’s kindness to us and help as we have taken on the responsibilities of cooking and feeding the students ourselves, rather than burden the ranch with this responsibility. I get to cook to as well as teach – very cool!
  • For a sense of purpose and unity in the student body already.


Please join with us and seek the Lord:

  • For Anointed teaching of the word.
    • That we wouldn’t be distracted from the spiritual focus with all the other things we have to do in order to serve the students.
  • For outreach week as we serve on an evangelistic kids camp @ Lakes ranch (October 3th- 8th)
  • For our outreach trip to Tonga in the South Pacific.
  • For our national leaders day conference to equip leaders with Bill & Joy Welsh of Refuge, Huntington Beach, California. (November 6th)
  • For anointing and energy as I teach the book of Genesis in 12 hours over four days to Capenwray bible school students on their South Island campus (November 1st -4th)
  • For God’s wisdom and provision as we look to set up our correspondence programme for those in the region who are unable to attend as full time students.
  • For our ongoing dicsussions with New Zealand Immigration regarding the ability to grant student visas

God bless and thank you so much for praying for us.

M & G

One thought on “Praise & Prayer September 2010

  1. Super news! It’s exciting to get your praise & prayer reports from your website. The South Pacific & NZ are on my heart, and CCBCNZ is a real answer to prayer for the region. Blessings on you and your family Mark, and all the folks there at the school. I will also be praying for your Tonga outreach.

    In Jesus,
    Lee Gilchriest
    Concord, CA


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