Overwhelmed – By Grace

CCBI September 2010 – No longer a virtual Bible school

CCBI Logo_ver2_RevWell its official after years of .. well after years , actually about 10 years – CCBI is a real school with real living breathing students !!! – I guess we need CCBI sweat shirts next !

The interesting thing is this, everything is new and overwhelming, we have to work out how to do so many things for the first time, such as transportation, accommodation, food preparation, (we are even cooking for the students ourselves) simply to be able to do something, that in essence is very simple, to teach them the word of God.

Currently we are teaching verse by verse through Revelation, Genesis, Acts & the Minor Prophets, personally I m being deeply moved by my studies in the Book of Acts, in preparation to teach the students. In particular , just the need to be empowered and continually filled by the Holy Spirit.

In late October, early November, we will take out first CCBI outreach to the Island Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, to share the gospel and to strengthen the saints – Please keep this in prayer, as our heart is to minster and see nations across the South Pacific rim , touched for Messiah (Psalm 2:8)

We will also be serving at an evangelistic Kids camp here in New Zealand October 3rd- 8th, please pray for the salvation of many and the strengthening of those who are already believers.

Cooking for the students has been a unusual twist on Pastoral duties but fun !

Wider ministry in New Zealand – CCBI a Missions and Resources Centre

Following our vision and heart to be a ministry centre that blesses the nations , we would appreciate your prayers as we planing several events that we hope will be a blessing to the believers in New Zealand.

On November 6th, we will be putting on a one day leadership conference , with Bill and Joy Welsh, with a view to ministering to workers and leaders in the church , please pray that this will be fruitful and blessed time.

We are also planning a National Ladies conference for Calvary Chapel in New Zealand for March 2011, Pam Markey will be joining us for a series of day conferences, one on the North Island and one of the South Island of New Zealand. This a venture of faith, so please pray for the Lord to establish this and to provide for these conferences that it might be blessing to the ladies of New Zealand.

Personally for the Walsh family

We all feel stretched, in different ways and for different reasons, I am teaching 4 classes and putting in some long hours, and doing remarkably well – that is simply the grace of God. It is just the nature of ministry to be operating in areas where you are overwhelmed , like accounting for instance , I was born to shop , not to account for money , but I get to do our accounts , not a strong suite !!!! – we are in trouble (Phil 4:13)

Gwyn is one of the team preparing the food arranging meals and doing all the shopping , and feels thoroughly overwhelmed by it, but is doing a fantastic job, Please pray for her for God’s strength to uphold her.

Jordan is in exam phase, a new experience for him and one with its ups and downs, looks like he might also have a job at Starbuck’s Rotorua (his interview is next Wednesday, please pray)

Becky is great but has some problem with her jaw joint, so as she sees the specialist and we work though all the issues surrounding that please pray

They are both enjoying have all the students around and that is huge blessing to us as a family.

who mentioned Balaam?

Ministry in the Church is a blessing, Gwyn and Josh have started a junior high ministry on Sunday and it is going great and it is blessed , plea pray for a bigger place to meet , that we might be able to develop the downstairs of CC Rotorua building to facilitate this.

I am teaching Inductive Bible study on a Sunday night each week as a CCBI class but which is also available for any one in the church to attend and so far we have had as many as 20 folks attending learning how to study the scriptures, very cool indeed.

At Christmas I intend to be in the UK to spend Christmas with my Mum , whilst Gwyn and the kids will be in New Zealand hosting her family as they travel out her for the holiday season . I hope to be able to visit with many of you in the Uk, and Hungary during holiday season before attending the mission conference in Southern California on the way back to New Zealand. Please pray that would be great time , it will be difficult being away from Gwyn and the kids, but great to see our parents, please pray for God’s provision during this season.

The Heavens declare the Glory of God

Please pray for God’s grace as we seek to serve Him hear at the end of the earth, praise the Lord for His wonderful care and provision for us.

Please pray for us , as we seek the the Lord would establish CCBI her in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.

Please pray as we seek classification from the New Zealand immigration that we may be able to offer we student visas, that would be huge blessing and allow any students who want to return for a second semester to do so. This would need God to work (Zech 4:6) It is our heart felt prayer that he would act on our behalf for His glory alone.

we remain Overwhelmed by Grace , we deeply appreciate you love, care and prayers as you co -labour with us. We cannot express the value you have in our hearts, but still greater to Him who is the saviour of us all

To God be the Glory , Great things He has done …. and will do

“As they day so shall thy strength be”

In Him

M & G

My Adopted Filipino child- from the renowned Filipino Walshes ( the one without the head gear !!!)

2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed – By Grace

  1. Greetings from long lost us – and congratulations! I don’t know how you manage to find the energy to do it all – but then since “the joy of the Lord is our strength” maybe I do :o)

    Paul, Sarah, Jack & Asha


  2. Greetings from long-lost us – currently in the UK. Great news about the Bible College. Sarah helps teach in a similar endeavour in Nepal. Don’t know how you find the energy to do all you do! But then, since “the joy of the Lord is our strength”, maybe I do :o)

    God bless your endeavours.

    Paul, Sarah, Jack & Asha.


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