Praise & Prayer Request for October 2010

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Praise and Outreach Prayer Oct 2010


Please thank the Lord with us :

  • Thomas who accepted Christ on the streets of Rotorua as Josh & Olly two of the CCBI team shared the Gospel on the streets of rotorua. The gave Thomas a bible and please pray that he would be founded in the faith and be kept by grace.
  • God’s provision for CCBI and for us as a family.
  • For providing a location for CCBI for the February Semester, we will be using the same location at Lakes ranch for our accommodation campus.
  • For opening doors for ministry in the Island Kingdom of Tonga and providing some great believers to work with from Calvary Chapel Christchurch.
  • For providing myself with a great opportunity to meet and enjoy blessed fellowship with many of the Calvary Pastors in the Sydney area this week.

Prayer Requests.

Please join with us and pray:

  • CCBI goes on outreach this week and we would value your prayers. Pastor Scott Clifford, the Pastor of CC Rotorua and one of the CCBI teachers, is taking a teamof 13 from CCBI to minister in the Island Kingdom of Tonga. The team will be involved in evangelism, practical helps ministry and seeking to encourage the believers in the word and to continue in the grace.
  • Please prayer for safety and travel mercies.
  • For anointing and God appointed opportunities share the love of Christ.
  • Please pray that this would be life changing encouragement to the students as they serve the Lord in Tonga.
  • Please pray for the ministry trip to Sydney, I am currently Sydney , seeking to renew relationships and friendship that have built up over the last 10 years of traveling to the Pacific Rim. My desire is to see the body encouraged and that CCBI could be resource to serve and encourage the brethren here in Australia, as we all seek to serve the Lord in this area of the World.
  • Please pray for the strengthening of the body especially as the Pastors seek to serve the Lord here.
  • Please pray for the Word conference which will be taking place in Australia, November 19th – 21st, with Pastor Raul Ries & Pastor Bill Welsh @ CC Albany.
  • Please pray for the Servants & Leaders day conference @ CC Rotorua on November 6th , Pastor Bill Welsh will be sharing during the day to encourage all those in ministry, please pray especially for the Joy Welsh who will be sharing some specific session for the Ladies. Please pray for anointing and that the the Lord would truly meet us all in His Word.
  • Please pray for me (Mark) as I will travel to the South Island next week and teach the Book of Genesis (in 12 hours) for Capernwray Bible school, please pray for God’s anointing and that we would all survive!
  • Please pray for the National Ladies conference with Pam Markey, which CCBI and some of the Calvary’s will be hosting on the North and South Island in March 2011, as we continue make plans, prepare and seek suitable venues please pray for the Lord’s hand to guide us and for His provision as we step out in faith to encourage the ladies of this area in the Word of God.

A few prayer requests from the family Walsh

  • For Jordan and Becki as they come under increasing pressure with exams looming, that the Lord would keep them and help them with all the work and with them being pulled in so many directions.
  • For strength to finish the semester well and really pour to our staff and students, especially for myself & Gwyn.
  • For financial provision for us as a family, finances remain a constant pressure, please pray that we would learn to be content with where the Lord has us right now especially in this area of finances.

Thank you for your prayers, love and care

M & G

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