Walsh News – December 2011

Trust & Belief

Two words which are very common to us as believers, both in some way express faith, a subject close to our hearts, for “without faith it is impossible to please God”. This “impossible”, is often the subject of less attention, than the other “impossible” in the book of Hebrews, but it nevertheless expresses a significant fact. Recently, I have been caused to think deeply about trust and its difference from simple belief. Belief seems to have at it’s core, the idea of mentally accepting something, which in some ways is also more palatable than the realm of trust. Trust, on the other hand seems to demand so much more of me, at it’s very core, it demands that as an act of the will, I choose, to accept, nay depend upon God’s view of something, even when the facts around me and even my emotions would cause me to doubt. This, so often is my struggle. In all of these situations the Lord say Trust me (Psalm 37:5).

“Faith is reason at rest with God ” C.H.S

A Few Highlights from the last few months…

This has been a great semester and God continues to bless our little ghetto bible college in garage, we filled 17 of our 20 bed spaces that we rent here at Lakes ranch. The student body was great group of young people who wanted to seek the Lord and we have seen much personal growth in depth, personally and in the understanding of His Word. Already we have at least 17 of our bed spaces filled , not including two student families who will be hosted off site together with two staff families, also off site. In essence, there is growth… a great problem to have. We really do need God’s wisdom as to the next stage, we are almost at the stage of having more people living off site than living on it, and with increasing interest from families, we need God’s wisdom. Please pray with us for God’s wisdom direction and provision.

The New Zealand Envision conference in Rotorua was a blessed time, CCBI staff and students were able to attend and help out in few ways, it was great to see how the ministry in NZ has grown and for me personally, it had the feel of the ministry of Europe in the early days, and with that a real sense of expectation of what the Lord will do.

The student outreaches were great, a team went to Hamilton, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. I went to New Jersey and had the privilege of teaching a mens conference for CC Kearney, CC Stonybrook and CC Morris Hills. It was blessed time and I was greatly encouraged by the brethren and their love.

Over 50 people in the house for thanksgiving, was a great blessing and encouragement , that the Lord brings life and has brought life to CCBI, out of nothing over the last two years.

Thankfulness for God’s protection as Gwyn and Jordy were in a car crash in our old school Subaru, affectionally know as “The Gunship”. Gwyn suffered a few injuries requiring 5 stitches to her head and numerous bumps and bruises, Jordy escaped with some soreness, but unfortunately “The Gunship” was broken. This make life increasingly difficult when it comes to transporting the students, please pray that we would be able to replace “the Gunship”

Speakers week, was different this semester but a huge blessing, we had all manner of plans, speakers lined up from all over the world but one by one they cancelled because of important needs at home. So we were left with one speaker, Pastor Dave Heitman. A young man serving at “The Street” in Wellington about to go and plant a Calvary Chapel affiliate called “Byways” in Tauranga, some 40 minutes away from us here in the Bay of Plenty. So Dave taught 5 of the sessions, supplemented by Pastor Scott Clifford (CC Rotorua) & Pastor Steve Jones (CC Hamilton) and the CCBI Teachers. It was a blessed time and a real sense of the Lord speaking to all of us and that He had planned it that way. In Feb 2012, we will be heavily involved in the planting of “Byways” in Tauranga, please keep this prayer and also for the provision of the resources, vehicles and stuff in order to help with this ministry.

As we look forward to next semester there are a few things to keep before the Lord in prayer.

  • The CC National Ladies Conference in Rotorua in Feb/ March with Pam Markey.
  • Outreach week in March as I seek to lead a team to CC Perth in Western Australia, please pray for wisdom guidance, anointing and provision as seek to go and serve Pastor Darryl and the body there in WA.
  • Provision of an additional small vehicle to replace “the Gunship”.
  • Provision of additional accommodation for staff.

For Gwyn and I – I guess we need some rest and refreshment, before it all starts again in February. We both feel we are doing a poor job with everything that the Lord had entrusted to us and we don’t want to mess it up and get in His way. Prayers appreciated!!!

Family needs are coming to the fore with significant family events on the horizon. Jordan graduated high school and will hopefully start university in February. Please pray for him that he will get the results he needs and the Lord will guide him, he is pretty nervous about the results. Please pray for the Lord’s provision, as we wrestle, like so many parents as to how to help him financially and with the life change this will bring. For our parents back in England as we get older and as they get older too. Gwyn and Becky would like to make a trip back to the UK in Summer 2012, we would appreciate prayer for the Lord’s provision in this endeavour.

Once again the call, personally is to Trust the Lord – Psalm 37:5

We want to thank you all for the constant love and care you shower upon us and we know that is from the Lords hand and to your account.

All our love and prayers this Christmas


One thought on “Walsh News – December 2011

  1. Mark, Gwyn, Jordan & Becky,
    Thanks for the update so we may pray specifically. While you’re in the trenches, you may not get the benefit of seeing the big picture, the overall effect that you have on the world. We get to see your effect and hold each member of your family in high regard. The Lord is orchestrating!
    Merry Christmas.


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