Walsh News May 2013

Walsh Family News & Prayer – May 2013

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Thirty Semesters later and still not graduated – The slow graduation route

Another Bible school semester has drawn to close and the 16 students have all headed of to the next thing , some to return next semester, some to go onto the next thing to which the Lord has called them.

At this semesters Graduation, to our surprise, Gwyn were presented with a certificate of completion, having completed some 30 semesters of Bible school , in Austria , Hungary and now here at CCBI IN New Zealand and we still haven’t graduated. It really has been a testimony to God’s Grace and goodness over the last 15 or so years, for which we are deeply thankful and for the manner in which many of you have stood with us over these years. When we started in Austria, we were 35 years old, with to children under the age of 4 , the student we 18 or 19 years old. Now we are over 50 years old, Jordy is in his second year at Auckland University studying biomedical sciences, Becky is in her second to last year of High school with a desire to head to university in Wellington… And the students are still the same age! Please thank the Lord with us for His tremendous faithfulness.

Jordy & Bex
Jordy & Bex

This has been a great semester from a ministry point of view, 16 students serving weekly in three different Churches, Outreach ministry trips to serve alongside CC Perth Australia, CC Nelson, CC Whangarei and Shoreline Tauranga in New Zealand. We had had the privilege of seeing souls come to Christ, the body encouraged and blessed. The Thursday night Koinonea service we have started here on Campus has been a great blessing seeing over 40 people attending on a weekly basis some from the Lakes ranch staff and some from the local area. We studied verse by verse through the book of Colossians and it has been a great time and a great encouragement for taking the step of faith.

This has been a very challenging semester personally, many of you will know that i hurt my back in January, resulting in three damaged disc in my lower back. The results have been an inability to sit or travel for longer than 20 minutes, not being able to sleep more than a few hours a night without getting up an walking about for a few hours to ease the pain. After nearly 5 months, the situation is still the same so on Thursday 23rd May, I head for back surgery to remove the offending disc. I would really appreciate your prayers, for complete healing and recovery.

worship 2013

It has been an interesting season of learning and frustration, I have been personally blessed by the great team we have here at CCBI and those that have really helped out in times where I have simply not been able to do very much. It has been great to see the ministry here grow an not really around me. Next semester we have expanded out accommodation availability and we will be able to take more students as we have already accepted over 21 students for the upcoming semester and we are still three months out from the commencement of the next semester, which starts at the end of August 2013. So please pray that the Lord would bring those HE wishes and there would be the enough space for them all .

The key prayer requests are for :

  • Mark’s upcoming back surgery on 23rd May , for complete Healing restoration and recovery.
  • For rest and refreshment in the semester break for all the family and the CCBI Staff.
  • For the preparation for the upcoming semester and classes, I will be teaching Theology and Hebrews , Gwyn will be teaching a ladies study through the book of James.
  • For additional accommodation and provision to meet the student needs so that we don’t have to turn any students away.
  • For additional interns as the student body is growing.
  • For wisdom, vision and courage, as we lead the work here at CCBI.
  • For Jordy and Becki as they continue with their education and for God’s on going financial provision for these needs.

Once again though this is a brief update, we hope you are encouraged and will continue to stand with us in prayer for the work here which is growing, our heart is thst it might bring much pleasure and Glory to our Lord.

Thanks Mark & Gwyn, Jordy and Rebekah

tea cosy
sometimes it just gets too much
thin ground
You have to love New Zealand

3 thoughts on “Walsh News May 2013

  1. Precious Mark and Gwyn-
    Praying on all counts, especially your back, and will have our church prayer team be praying for you as well. We will pray God’s favor over the college as it grows and space is needed.
    So wonderful to hear from you and all the good news. Cannot believe how the kids are all grown up, they were half pints when Lynda and I were in Hungary. Congrats on raising to awesome kids.
    Glory, honor and praise to our Lord who will work all things out for our good.


  2. We’ve still got you up in prayer mate. I also go up on the hoist end of May for some major overhaul. May The Lord see you up and about real soon with no pain.


  3. Thanks for the update, Mark and Gwyn! We love you guys and are so blessed by the way God is using you mightily to lead people to Jesus. Keep up the good work, and praying for Mark’s surgery and recovery.


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