Walsh Prayer and Praise October 2013

News , Prayer and Praise October 2013

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This is busy season, Jordan at university facing exams, Becky working at Starbucks whilst at school and facing exams, Mark and Gwyn ministering in the school then either at CC Hamilton or Shoreline Tauranga each sunday , leading worship or teaching. Yet despite  being stretched , it seems to be a very fruitful time in our lives and in the ministry. We value your prayers and God’s gracious provision through your love and care. Mark underwent surgery for a herniated disc in his back in May and the operation was successful, this has released him back into his normally active and crazy schedule, in mid november he will travel north to Hungary and the UK to teach at the CCBCE speakers week in Vajta, Hungary and to teach at our sending Church, Church On The way in Bradford, England. Please pray as this will be a busy trip in the midst of a busy semester. Mark recently taught at the Asian missions conference in Hong Kong , serving alongside Pastor Phil Twente, this was blessed time.

Jordan and Becky are both facing end of  year exams, our school year ends here in December and begins again in February  2014. Jordan will be entering his last year at Auckland University and once he completes his final year he will be looking to re apply for entrance into medicine. Please pray for him as he faces, much work, many decision and expense in pursuing his dream to become a doctor.  Becky will enter her final year at high school before looking to start University, growing as a young lady in God , she has told us of her desire to serve as a missionary in Afghanistan, what a wonderful & exciting desire. Please pray as we help her grow in the Lord and seek His direction.

Gwyn, as ever is rock and still believes that she does very little, we are all grateful for he faithfulness and determination to love us and spend herself  in the Lord’s service. She faithfully serves each month with the ladies fellowship at CC Hamilton. Gwyn is currently teaching and leading a ladies study and discipleship class through the book James here on a tuesday at CCBI. Please pray that the Lord would truly minster into the lives of the girls here at CCBI.

There is so much more we could say of God’s faithfulness  and blessings that we have experiences since we last wrote but please join with us in  prayer and praise for His goodness to us.

M & G


Students on the waikaramoana trek


Once again we than you for your continuing prayers and faithfulness please join with us in thanking  the Lord for all that He has done:

  • For our largest semester ever, we have 20 students and interns this semester, currently studying a serving with us here at CCBI.
  • For the growth in our Thursday night, Koinonia here at the ranch, with over 40 people attending each week as we study verse by verse through the book of Ephesians.
  • For tremendous blessing on outreach as we served at the Calvary Chapel Pacific Rim conference in Sydney, and with Calvary Chapel Wellington and Shoreline Tauranga, New Zealand.
  • For a blessed and anointed time at the Asian Mission conference in Hong Kong.
  • For  the healing of Mark’s back following successful back surgery in May 2013.


Lake Waikaramoana


Please entreat the Lord with us for :

  • Anointing upon His word as we move midway through the semester, our speakers week will take place November 4th – 9th, with Pastor Ben Grisez and Pastor Drew McIntyre, please pray that the Lord would bless and touch hearts.
  • Mark as he travels to Hungary to teach the speakers week at CCBCE  November 15th – 3oth and also teaches in the UK, please pray for wisdom and anointing.
  • The CC Wellington Church weekend our team will be leading in November, for Pastor Mike Montgomery who will be teaching the weekend and leading the team
  •  As family for Becky & Jordan as they both face end of year exams in November as the New Zealand school and University year draws to a close.
  • The Heroes and Halos light party at Shoreline church in Tauranga, the school will be ministering at on Halloween October 31st .
  • Planning and preparation for the next semester and direction for the school in terms of accommodation and the next steps before us as a leadership.
  • Financial provision for a trip back to the Uk & Hungary in 2014, as a family, this is something we have not be able to do side moving to the New Zealand almost 5 years ago, humanly it is financial impossibility but we trust God’s goodness and grace to lead us and provide for us, if this is something He desires  for us.
  • For several families looking to join us in 2014 with a view to church planting in New Zealand, for financial provision for them, visas accommodation anymore than anything God’s anointing and guidance.
  • For God to raise up labourers to work in the Pacific rim and then we might be able to send out labourers from the school, to serve Him in this part of the world.


Calvary Budapest


4 thoughts on “Walsh Prayer and Praise October 2013

  1. Hi Guys! Thanks for your much-awaited update! Very happy to keep up with you all there @ CCBI and keep you in prayer over the months. Especially to learn Mark’s BACK IS HEALED 8^) !!

    You mentioned CCBI assisted with Sydney’s Pac Rim Conference (Envision2013?). Do you know where I could download the sessions’ messages (MP3s)? I also have had a heart for the PACRIM missions since 2001, and it’s important to me to keep a pulse on what God is saying to you all.
    Thanks much, and God bless!!!

    Lee Gilchriest
    Concord, CA
    (Praying for a CC re-plant in Wlanut Creek, CA on the San Francisco East-Bay region)


  2. It’s always great to here what the Lord is doing through your family. We miss you all very much. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. We pray for your family often. Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord and to those that you serve.
    Love from Franz, Monica, Stephen and Alli.


  3. Dear Gwyn: My brother, Dave, and I are coming out in October to support Hannah and Sam in anyway we can. I hope to meet you too. My brother knows the Stockills, but I have not met them yet. He is coming from Georgia, and I am from California (Greg Opean is my Pastor). Would love to help in Children’s Ministry with local churches if that is in God’s plan. God bless, Pam


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