Walsh News – April 2012

Walsh News – April 2012

A new season Auckland University

Family News

This has been a new season for us, Jordan now 18 has begun his first year studying medicine at Auckland University, New Zealand. It is amazing to look back and see God’s faithfulness in so many ways. Jordan was only 4 years old when we originally went on the foreign mission field, to the Castle in Austria in 1998. A short 14 years later, God’s perfect ways and perfect timing, how He brought us to New Zealand and when He brought us here are very evident.

It is now nearly three years since He brought us to Aotearoa – The Land of the Long White cloud. Please pray for Jordan, as the first year of medicine is very demanding and the end of year exams will determine his entrance in to year two and the remainder of the course to train as a doctor.

Gwyn and I are well, but tired, the students definitely stay the same age and we just get older, the mortal tents are showing more wear and tear!

CCBI 2012
A diverse, motley crew

We are currently two thirds of the way throughout our Fall semester which will end in mid May 2012. Living in the Southern Hemisphere our winter runs through June, July & August, still quite different for us… even after three years.
In June, Gwyn and Becky will be making a long overdue trip to England to see family and reconnect with dear friends. Please pray for them as they prepare for the trip, though a long distance, that it will be a fruitful and refreshing time.
During the semester break here in New Zealand, I will be here studying for our Spring semester which runs from late August – December.As well as studying and serving with the churches here in New Zealand, a few other ministry opportunities have opened up, one of our students this semester, is a Pastor from Fiji, I will probably be taking a trip to Fiji with him with view to arranging an outreach for CCBI next semester. I have been asked to share at the CC Scandinavian conference in Stockholm, in early August, later in August I have been asked to share with at the Calvary Conference in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. My intention is to try and take the time between the two conferences and attend the Annual Mission Conference in Millstatt, Austria to renew fellowship with dear friends & brethren. Please pray for the Lord’s direction and wisdom in seeking to make this trip, along with the provision necessary to make the trip.
Becky is well and excited about the trip to England, she just loves airplanes and long journeys, even if they don’t really go anywhere.

Ministry News

We are already two thirds of the way through our semester and a more diverse group of students you could not imagine. Yet once again God’s choice is perfect. Earlier in the semester, we once again facilitated the Calvary Chapel National Women’s Conference, where Pam Markey and Laura Anderson were able to minister to over eighty ladies.We were also able to combine this with a Calvary Chapel Pastor’s wives conference through Thursday and Friday into the day conference on the Saturday. It was a blessed time of ministry and much needed refreshment for the ladies. Please pray for this aspect of our ministry, where in conjunction with local Calvary Chapels we seek to encourage the wider body of Christ here in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.

kings park
Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia

The student body recently returned from our outreach trips, this is one of the highlights of the semester, where we take teams out to minister on a ten day outreach to serve with Ministries across the region. This semester we were able to send out three teams across New Zealand, one stayed in Rotorua, one ministered in Hamilton and the third in Christchurch,where they were able to look after the childcare for the CC Christchurch family camp.
In addition to the three teams in New Zealand, I was able to lead a team to serve at CC Perth in Western Australia. We had a team of eight that came alongside Pastor Darryl Henchie in Perth, during our time there, we were able to teach a series of workshops on worship, a mens day conference and encourage the youth of CC Perth, it was a great time. Perhaps the sweetest aspect of the trip was practical ministry, we were able to help prepare sunday school materials for the children’s ministry for the next four months.
March as a busy month, not only did we complete our ten day outreach season, but we were also visited by Pastor Ben Grisez (CC Sydney ) & Pastor Drew McIntyre (CC Alpine, CA) they brought a great message from the Lord about the need for brokenness before the Lord. We were really blessed by their servant hearts and example.

The trick here is to spot the wombat

This semester we have redefined our Community outreach class, this has been a good move. We have split the CCBI Students and staff into three teams, each team serving each Sunday ,at one of three local Calvary fellowships. One team serves at CC Rotorua, one at CC Hamilton and the third team at a new church plant, Byways at Mount Maunganui in Tauranga. The same team serves each week at the same church, helping with whatever the church needs, either in worship, childcare , cleaning or setup. Please pray for us that we may serve as unto the Lord and that He might be glorified and the fellowships encouraged.

set up 2

Byways is new church plant that is now just 9 week old, it has been a privilege to serve alongside Pastor Dave Heitman in this new venture of faith. Please pray for God’s wisdom, direction and protection over this new work.

byways set up
More planning and preparation

In late April, from the 22nd – 28th, we will be hosting our speakers week, during this week Pastor Dave Heitman (Byways, NZ), Brad Hall (CC fellowships Sydney) and Pastor Mike Montgomery (Denver) will be ministering the word to us in a conference style week of teaching. Please pray for this week, the student body is generally weary and in need of refreshment to finish well. There is a real need for personal renewal and refreshment, that each one of us whether student or staff ,would have a deep desire to go deeper with the Lord, there is definite sense that the Lord wants to do business with our hearts. Please pray that nothing would hinder this work of the Spirit.

As a school CCBI, has been going now for two years and this semester we will graduate 6 students, two of which have studied all four of their semesters here at CCBI – Aotearoa. We remain at almost full capacity, in need of addition accommodation and more flexible accommodation. Please pray that the Lord would show us the next step in the life of CCBI.

Once again we are able to give a good report of God’s faithfulness. We are ever grateful for your prayers and God’s faithful provision through you. Thank you

In Him
M & G

No longer 4 years old…


One thought on “Walsh News – April 2012

  1. wow, what great news. So exciting to hear about all the great things going on there. God continues to use you and Gwyn in increasingly powerful ways.

    Tell Jordan he has great hair : )

    Love you guys,
    Mike (and Lori)


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