News & Prayer Requests July 2012

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Dear All

A somewhat short and belated update and prayer request, but none the less heartfelt.

The semester gap coincides with our winter down here in the southern hemisphere, it has been a different season, I have had opportunity to lead worship at Byways church , a new church plant in Tauranga, it has been great , really makes me want to go to church and the Walshes have been travelling, well at least some of them. It was a real blessing to see Gwyn and Becky head back to the UK for a month to renew fellowship with family and friends. During their time away, Jordy was home from university and with our registrar, Franz Bischof returning to CC Modesto to serve alongside Pastor Damian , I was hard at work trying to get everything ready of the upcoming semester , which starts in the first week of September.

It proved to be a very fruitful time and I was very blessed to achieve so much in the short time the family was away. This is a blessing, because on Saturday I start traveling and would covet your prayers.

On Saturday 28th July, I start on a long trip, which will take me initially to Budapest and then Stockholm, for the Scandinavian Conference, then back to Hungary for the Calvary Budapest Conference at Vajta. A short journey across to Austria, to the Castle of the Western European Missionary Conference, before retuning to Hungary and then flying to Kyrgyzstan for the Calvary Chapel National conference in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Finally after flying back to Hungary, returning to God’s own country (NZ) on the 29th August, just in time for CCBI next semester.

A few items of news, Jake & Tecla who serve with us here on staff at CCBI , are currently pursuing NZ residency, please pray for they application that it would go well and be approved.

As Franz & Monica Bischof have returned to CC Modesto to serve, they will be greatly missed, immediatley the Lord has provided for Mike & Kristin Montgomery to join us on staff here at CCBI, please pray for their visa application to be approved and approved quickly so that they can make it down here for the end of August.

Please pray for:

  • Favour with NZ Immigration for the residency and visa applications for staff and students and favour in our ongoing relationship with NZIS .
  • Additional interns to serve here during the semester and for more students that we might be full to bursting this semester.
  • Traveling mercies for Mark as he travels extensively during August, but more than anything for anointing and sensitivity as he teaches and leads worship, that he might bring a good word in due season.
  • Jordy in his final semester of the Foundation year at Auckland University, as this semester will determine his continuing entrance into his medical degree, pray for grace, perseverance and that the Lord would really direct him as he pursues the goal of becoming a doctor.
  • Thank the Lord for his continued provision and blessing.
  • The ministry in New Zealand, especially CC Rotorua, CC Hamilton and Byways Church, Tauranga
  • The upcoming semester of CCBI , for students for anointing for wisdom over outreach and service opportunities

Sorry this is short, but sometimes with prayer letters it can be blessing, more than anything please pray for us


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